How Handbags can make or break your style statement!!

by Vonella

Posted on 2020-09-14

How Handbags can make or break your style statement!!

The way we need to décor our house after purchasing it the same goes with our attire, until you add the right accessories to it getting that classy statement is a little tough.

Having a right type of handbag with your attire is extremely necessary to make it complete. So, let us discuss about some types of handbags in order to get a better understanding:


Tote Bags:

Tote bags are also known as shopper’s bag. They have a large capacity wherein you lovely ladies can put all your makeup and all the other stuff that you will be going to shop. Well after the pandemic I think these will be the best type of bags as all of us eager to shop.


Clutches and Evening Bags


These are best for official or formal parties with elegant formal kind of attires. You can also use these bags for some special evenings like a cocktail party or any special personal occasion. These are the bags which you have to elegantly hold through your wrist. They definitely add a lot of statement to the outfit.


Crossbody Bags

These are small bags which a strap attached to it that differentiates it from a lot of other types of bags. These are quite good for college going girls and our youthful and cheerful ladies out there.


There are a lakhs and crores of bags out there in the market. Choosing the correct one as to what to wear when and which outfit is a bit crucial once you learn that no one can stop this beauty from looking the best of her own version.