Staying Fit during COVID 19

by Vonella

Posted on 2020-09-14

People always think that being fit means having attractive and well-built body but with that fit mind and being energetic is also very important. As we know because of this pandemic more than half of the population of the whole world is locked in their houses and working from home. At first it sounds good that we don't need to go outside for work but for long term this is not what we really want. Being at home for many days without going outside can affect our body and mind as well. We are used to go outside for work, social gathering, fun, shopping and many more things but if we suddenly cut off from these things for a long period of time this may affect our emotions and health. Followings are the factors which can mess up with our body. 1) Negative Energy - At first it sounds weird but if we see around us people are really afraid to meet other people, We are seeing virus growing day by day, thousands of people are dying, Thousands of people losing their jobs. So there is negative energy which can affect our system. 2) Not Enough Physical Activity - If you're early bird then you must have observe that many people go for walk in morning as well as in evening. Some people go for walk because of their choice and some go because they have to go because of their medical condition. Suddenly stop going for this can affect your body and mood also. 3) Lack of stress management - People are working from home and this is really new to them and because of this many people don't know how to manage work stress in home. This can cause problem between family members. Now, let’s talk about how we can solve these problems: Negative Energy - Well to overcome from this situation you have to distract you mind and focus on something that you're passionate but couldn't do it because you didn't have enough for that. Work on your hidden talent and go creative with your ideas. Not Enough Physical Activity - Start working out in your house with your family. If you are dedicated enough to do that alone than that's your choice but if you just lazy than start with your family and make it as a fun activity. Get up early and start doing yoga in your balcony. Lack of stress management - We know that businesses are suffering from this pandemic and because of that employees are under pressure and to overcome this stress you need to learn how to separate your work life and personal life. Spend some time with your family and children. Play video games, family fun activities etc...